Marco Ramelli


Born in Milan (Italy), Marco Ramelli has graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a Masters Degree of Performance (APEL) with Distinction under the supervision of Prof. Allan Neave and he is currently a Doctorate student in the same institution.

Marco’s RCS Contemporary Guitar research project ( will involve composers, guitar maker and institutions from all over the world with the aim of widening the guitar repertoire and find new possible development in the technique and the construction of this beautiful instruments. Presently, several composers from all over the world (USA, UK, China, Finland, Italy, Germany, and Australia) have already joined the project.The project includes a collaboration with guitar makers, in particular, Maurizio Foti and Gabriele Lodi, two renowned Italian luthiers. The aim is to create instruments of the 21st century guitarist in order to develop new resources in tone, colour and volume, while respecting the long tradition and peculiarities of this beautiful instrument.

Marco Ramelli has performed all over Europe. During his career he has been awarded various first Prizes in international competitions in Italy, Spain, UK, France and Serbia.

As a composer, Marco won the prestigious “World Guitar Composition Competition” and his music is performed in Italy and abroad by internationally acclaimed soloist including Andrea Dieci, Sean Shibe, Marta Dolzadelli, Duo Ricci-Colonna, Sasha Savaloni, and Juliane Bergemann.

Marco Ramelli has recorded on the labels Nimbus Alliance, Naxos, Dynamic records.

But his dedication to music is not only confined to his performances: Marco is also Artistic Director of some music festivals in Italy – for instance the increasingly important Festival Corde d’Autunno in Milan in collaboration with the Sistema Italia – as well as a very enthusiastic guitar teacher.

I am very pleased to announce that Marco has recently been appointed head of guitar at the Dublin Conservatoire.

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