Brigitte DeMeyer

Brigitte DeMeyer has built a solid foundation with her first five albums, collaborating with giants of the Americana drummer/producer Brady Blade, Buddy Miller, Sam Bush, and more recently, Kimbrough—and has shown herself to have a wonderfully natural feel for soul-steeped, blues-infused roots music. The daughter of Belgian and German immigrants, she was born in the Midwest, and at a young age moved to Southern California with her family where she started latching onto rootsy sounds, from Etta James, Mavis Staples and Sly Stone, to her discovery of The Allman Brothers, Steve Earle and of course, Patti Griffin. Before embarking on the quest that brings Brigitte’s music to the main stage, she acquired a Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of San Diego and, instead of sleeping on random couches and going the “starving artist”route, she took the road less travelled in rock and roll: She got a job. Not wanting to depend on anybody, she worked to make enough money to get her music career going, realizing that being self-sufficient was the only way to feel truly content while turning her musical dreams into a reality. Brigitte was able to pay rent and play music. Eventually, she was able to leave the marketing world behind and concentrate on her craft full-time.

With a 2010 relocation from California to Nashville, DeMeyer has gained much momentum and visibility as a performing artist, and has built strong musical partnerships through touring, writing and contributing to the community.

At this time we do not know who her guitarist will be on this tour of the UK.

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