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With the emails and online messages I receive from all over the world commenting on my music I started to think that maybe I had the following I needed to start a crowdfunding project that would enable me to record an album I have always dreamed of making, using my favorite musicians from Spain. This would be the incarnation of “The David Buckingham Quartet” but would still feature many new solo arrangements and compositions like the ones heard on my first two albums. To find out more about crowdfunding this project click here

I twisted the arms of my fellow artists to record a video with me to showcase what such a project would look like. This is the video of Get Lucky that you can see in the video section. I have also recorded a video of a new solo composition so you can see what is in store on the solo side of things. This piece is called “the Philosophical Spider”….. I shall also post a video to explain the origin of that title…..This crowdfunding project would be to record the album and then bring the musicians to the UK for an album launch and short tour.

Let me introduce you to the musicians:

Aloma De Balma
All of the people who see Aloma dance can be roughly split into two categories; those who fall in love with her dancing and those who fall in love with her. She dances regularly throughout Spain and is a regular in many of the largest flamenco taverns in Madrid and Barcelona.

Manolo Nieto
I bought an album by a flamenco singer many years ago when I first arrived in Seville and was studying flamenco guitar. The album was great and I liked the singing but was absolutely taken back by the bass playing. I thumbed through the booklet to find out that the bass player was Manolo Nieto. Fast forward about 15 years and he is prepared to play on my album with me!!!

Aubrey Richmond
Aubrey is not Spanish and doesn’t reside in Spain, I picked her up in Los Angeles!
I was in town for a recording and one night I took a trip to “The Baked Potato”, a legendary jazz club in the Burbank district of L.A. There was a girl sat next to me, we said a brief hello as I drank my drink and munched on my baked potato (the most common dish at “The Baked Potato”!) and then she walked up to the stage and joined the band (The Jeff Kollman Band) and tore into two fantastic solos. I complemented her on her exceptional playing when she came back to the bar and she told me about a few other gigs she was doing while I was in town and we hung out a bit and have been friends ever since. We have met up in London and Madrid when she has been on tour with various artists and after having met up in Los Angeles, London and Madrid we joke that we only meet in cities worthy of a place on a Chanel handbag.

Karo Sampela
I met Karo at the Juana Amaya school of flamenco dance many years ago in Seville. Karo is a fantastic percussionist who now resides in Madrid and records and performs with some amazing artists. Karo was the only artist to collaborate with me on my second album “Your Song”. What I love about Karo’s playing is that it blends the flamenco style with a very modern contemporary touch.









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